Builders Managing Renovations | Benefits of Professional House Renovations in Congleton, Alsager, Macclesfield, Sandbach, Wilmslow and across Cheshire, South Manchester and North Staffordshire

At Ray White Builders Ltd, our builders provide a wide range of services to improve properties. Covering loft conversions, house extensions, garage conversions and new builds, we have a solution for everyone. One of the most popular services we provide in Congleton and the surrounding areas we cover is house renovations

Here, we look at how our professional renovations can benefit you, including:

  • Home Value

  • Energy Efficiency 

  • Functionality 

  • Improve Lifestyle

Home Value

With old features, designs and aesthetics, outdated homes will diminish in value. Key functionality points will begin to degrade, the look won’t match your style, and it can become difficult to maintain. If regular repairs are required, it is often more cost-effective to renovate. Renovating will help you make changes to improve your home’s value and create a more enjoyable living environment while you own it. Whether you upgrade individual rooms and systems or the entire property, our professionals are here to help. 

We are happy to advise on the required work to fulfil your needs and improve your home. Our experts can help tailor our services for selling, living or renting purposes.


At Ray White Builders Ltd, we have years of experience managing new builds, loft conversions, house extensions and garage conversions, so we know the best ways to elevate homes. We work closely with customers in Congleton and the surrounding areas to establish their objectives and the work needed to fulfil them. Our builders can transform single rooms and alter the layout of entire properties to make them best serve the needs of each customer. We can tailor our work during house renovations to meet your specifications and create a cohesive flow throughout the building. We can make renovations meet your needs with new features and an updated layout.

Energy Efficiency

Upgrading to modern features will help reduce your energy use, making your property more efficient and helping lower your utility bills. Our builders have numerous ways to improve properties' energy efficiency with new roofing, insulation, modern appliances, skylights and new doors. Our team can also discuss water-efficient toilets, showerheads and sinks with you to make your home as efficient as possible.

Improve Lifestyle

At Ray White Builders Ltd, our builders help you make practical and luxurious changes to make your home life more enjoyable. With the option for ensuite bathrooms, enlarged bedrooms and open-plan layouts, we can help create your dream build. In addition to house renovations, we can maximise your space with loft conversions, house extensions and garage conversions.

We are happy to advise you on all of your options to improve your property in Congleton or any of the surrounding areas.

For builders managing professional house renovations in Congleton and the surrounding areas, please call Ray White Builders Ltd on 07564 184626 today.